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Top Leadership Skills To Cultivate A Network Marketing Career

Network Marketing is often called Direct Selling, Affiliate Marketing, or Multi-Level-Marketing(MLM). It is an honest, viable business structure. It is designed to build a marketing and sales force by compensating not only sales made by the individual but also the sales made by the people that individual has introduced to the company.

This structure effectively moves the task of building and supporting a sales force away from the company and onto the individual. The company benefits from this because it can focus on the product instead of building a sales force and the individual benefits because it can hire others and make overrides on their efforts in addition to their own.

A company can use the structure to create a sales force quicker and easier than traditional means. That may be critical to the company’s success, particularly if the company has a new hot product.

Why Network Marketing Is

Network Marketing is a not a get rich program but instead a real business opportunity and one that requires real work. That being said, the unique advantages offered by Network Marketing are incredible compared with what’s available in the traditional job market.

Organization And Setting Hours

First, you get to set your hours. You are effectively your boss. So if you do not feel like working one day, then you do not have to. Of course, it goes without saying that just because you can don’t mean you should. But it is nice to know that you could if you wanted to.

Another way to look at setting your hours means that you can work as much as you want. You set your business hours and can operate whenever you want. This provides the potential to increase your earnings simply by working harder.

Working From Home

The second great benefit is the ability to work from home. We all hear about the work-from-home scams that are posted on those little signs on telephone poles along the roads. Well, unlike most other work-from-home offers, it truly allows you to work from home, provided you have the bare essentials to do business.

By bare essentials, I mean a phone line and a computer if you need one. But you should consider that while working from home sounds great, it does require a certain level of self-discipline to keep focused and get some work done.

Business Oportunities

Finally, the single greatest thing is the amazing opportunity that exists when they first begin. Imagine being there when Bill Gates decided to start Microsoft or when Google was first starting up and having a chance to join. Network Marketing provides that same kind of opportunity.

Of course joining a Network Marketing company can be beneficial at any time but it is exponentially true when the company is just starting out. The expression of getting in on the ground floor has a certain truth to it when regarding Network Marketing companies. This is mostly because the earlier you get in, the more people you will have to you.

That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t join a company that is well-established and been around for a while. For example, Mary Kay is still a viable business, and you can make some money in that company. However, you have to consider that to get into the company you will be going underneath someone, and that person is underneath someone else and so on.

Imagine being that first person way up the chain that has thousands of people below them. That is the opportunity that exists by getting in early with a company.

What Network Marketing Is Not

Network Marketing is not a pyramid scheme. It is not a scam. A pyramid scheme is illegal, Network Marketing is not. A pyramid scheme is a business setup where the primary and many times the only way to be compensated is to recruit others into the business.

In a pyramid scheme, there is essentially no product. Instead, you simply sell “nothing” to others to get them to join. While con artists will attempt to use the structure as a guise for their pyramid schemes, it doesn’t mean all companies that use Network Marketing as a sales structure are themselves a pyramid scheme.

In fact, it is fast becoming a recognized structure among business leaders today. It has also been used in part by respected companies such as PayPal, AT&T Wireless, Wachovia, and Vonage. It is also not a get rich quick scheme. As with any business, no matter the structure they choose to employ, you have to work to be paid.

The same is true of Network Marketing. However, even though it doesn’t offer instant riches, it does offer some unique advantages over traditional employment opportunities.…

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5 Reasons Why Businesses Fail

According to studies, nearly eight out of ten businesses fail within the first year and a half. In fact, the younger the company is, the more of a chance that it will fail. Even with an excellent service or product, how you approach your target market might be the cause of failure in your business.

While the reasons of failing are too much and shared, here are five reasons why business fail.

Starting Unprepared

The lack of problem is one of the leading causes of failure in markets. Entrepreneurs often put more focus into achieving their financial independence without ever taking t necessary steps towards building a strategic business plan.

Lack of Capital

Starting a business without the proper amount of capital funds will cause new business owners to fail due to unpredictable cash flow. It is important to determine just how much money you need to cover the costs and keep the business running for the first twenty-four months.

Poor Leadership Skills

Your business failure can be a result of poor direction and management skills. If you struggle as a leader, chances are you don’t have enough experience in the business. Companies often fail due to poor staff supervision, management decisions, and motivation to lead your brand.

Having poor management skills will affect every aspect of the company – from employees to financial management. Examine how other businesses in your industry practice and which techniques you can use for your business.

Failure to Promote Business

Another common reason why many companies fail is due to the failure of promoting and marketing their business. It is importance to have your message be heard to put yourself ahead of the competitors.

Building a vital business model without an active leadership may lead to the lack of revenue and implement the idea that there is no strategy taken place. To prevent this, develop a complete business plan that will include financial analysis of income, marketing strategy and management solutions to overcome competitor obstacles and activities.

Increase your chances of a successful business by preparing not only your team but also your market. Find out what your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses are and how you can take advantage of this knowledge.

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3 Reasons Why Starting an Online Business Will Become Your Best Investment

Entrepreneurs are always on the look out to find new business opportunities. But no matter how good these occasions might sound, they often end up costing money due to significant overhead expenses, small margins, and scalability.
However, with an online business, you won’t have to follow the traditional path. Here are three reasons why start an online business will become your best investment.

Online Businesses Have Great Scalability

Not all businesses online will automatically turn into a successful establishment. However, just as scaling any business isn’t easy an online business gives you a better advantage. While a physical retail store has an audience that reaches the radius of the business location, an online retail store has no restrictions as their market will get to the public worldwide.

With a successful marketing strategy, your online business will be well promoted and increase its budget as the target market begins to grow.

Online Businesses Provide Freedom

Most entrepreneurs are attracted to online businesses due to the freedom that it may offer. With today’s modern technology, a few web tools will allow businesses to operate from anywhere in any location. This means you can work on your business plans while sitting down at your favourite shop or even in your hotel as you travel.

The freedom to not being tied down to a set location empowers business minds and allows them to spend time on other ventures.

Online Business Will Give You Access to an International Market

The best part of owning an online business is the ability to run it on your terms. There are no boundaries and specific hours that are required for operation. With an online business, you can produce revenue anytime, even as you sleep.

Have you invested in an online business or looking to invest in the future? Comment below and share your opinions with us!

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4 Social Media Mishaps You Should Avoid For Your Business

When it comes to using social media for y business, many entrepreneurs consider themselves self-taught without understanding the actual value of social media promotions. Even if you know the ins and outs of social media through personal accounts, you will still need to understand just how it works for your business.

Here are four social media mishaps you should avoid for your business.

Poor Trending Choices

Social media is full of trends. This allows you to take advantage of those trending topics. However, aim to keep posts appropriate and relevant to your business. You might end up posting something that may cause your followers to unfollow.


The main point of building your social media account is to keep readers engaged with your business. However, you do not want to spam their accounts. Post around five times a week to keep followers up to date or a tweet a day on Twitter.

Over Promotional

While it is important to mention the next upcoming sales or release a new product on your social media account, that shouldn’t be the only feature you provide on your site. Stick with the traditional 20/80 rule by using 20% of your site for promotions and make your content engaging 80% of the time.

Lack of Support and Response

The main success of social media is to engage and communicate with your target audience. If you don’t interact with your followers, what’s the point of even having social media? When it comes to questions, complaints, and praise it is important to respond in a timely matter.

What other social media mishaps can you think of? Don’t forget to comment below and tell us what you think!…

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